Telecare Services

Optionally bookable Telecare Services support you and your physician by providing medical-technical evaluations of your heartbeat recordings.

Working at a selected Telecare Center, medical technicians specialized in the cardiac rhythm analysis of pulse-related data offer you:

  • A direct medical-technical evaluation of your recorded heartbeat data to rule out possible measurement errors and to verify rhythm disorders.
  • Detailed notes on potential rhythmic abnormalities to give to your physician
  • A summarizing report, e.g. to pass on to an your physician

The medical technician’s verification can also be made anonymously (besides the actual measured data, only your year of birth and your gender are required for the assessment).
The data transfer is encrypted and the overall procedure is in compliance with data protection laws.


Independent Companies

These Services are not provided by Preventicus GmbH itself, but by third parties (usually independent companies of cardiological practices or heart centers).

This is not a medical service, but is comparable to the work of medical technicians who collect patient data from examinations, eliminate possible errors and prepare the findings for physicians in such a way that allows them to make fast and reliable decisions for further diagnostics.