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The user places the camera lens on the pinkie finger and the light from the camera flash radiates through the fingertip.

By state-of-the-art signal analysis methods, the pulse curve is derived from the video signal on the smartphone camera. Based on this pulse curve, highly accurate and patented algorithms determine your heart rhythm.

The app detects cardiac arrhythmias with an ECG-comparable accuracy of around 95%.

On all iPhones and on most of today's Android-based smartphones Preventicus Heartbeats works, here you will find our tested and approved devices:
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Test the functionality of the app with a one-minute pre test measurement of the free version and get a first evaluation.

Furthermore you can test the features of the full version with the free version for free for 30 minutes.

A precise measurement of 1 minute oder 5 minutes is available with the full version. The full version features a print function that generates a PDF report. This report includes the 5-minute recording of the original pulse curves and a symbolic display of the R-spikes in each heart cycle.

Optionally bookable Telecare Services support you and your physician by providing medical-technical evaluations of your heartbeat recordings.

The app needs access to the smartphone’s camera and storage memory which also contains your photos. The app requires memory access to save its text and image contents as well as to update the data as necessary. The app never accesses your photos in this process. Camera access is required for the measurements to be taken with camera and flash.

Unfortunately, iPad or other tablet devices are not equipped with camera light.
The camera light on the device is required to take the measurement; that is why Preventicus Heartbeats works only properly on smartphones.
If your tablet has a camera light, please use the free version or the 30 free minutes to test if Preventicus Heartbeats does work on your device.

An isolated red result can occur from measurement errors. Please strictly follow the instructions on how to perform the measurement. If a red result occurs repeatedly, diagnosis by a physician is recommended.

Frequently, cold fingers can affect the measurement quality. It can be helpful to briefly massage your fingertip to improve blood circulation.

Use your small finger for the measurement.

Please never place the flashlight, but only the camera lens on the top of the pinkie finger.

Only with a few Smartphone types the flashlight becomes unpleasantly hot and feels hot in case of wrong application (flash light on the skin).

If it is noticeably too hot despite the correct application (the cameral lens is on the pinkie finger, but not the flash light), please contact, specifying your device type.

If you register as a user in the Preventicus Heartbeats app, your user data will be linked to your account.

When you change your smartphone device, you will only have to log into the preventicus Heartbeats app and your license and data will be restored automatically - even if you change the operating system.

The login function in the Preventivcus Heartbeats app is available since the update in June. Since your password can not be reset, it is very likely that you are not yet registered as a user. Simply create yourself a new login in the app.

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