September 21, 2018

The Global Clinical + Care Coordination Forum (GCCCF) is an international platform for interdisciplinary cooperation between health and social affairs, science, politics and business.  On November 6, 2018 the GCCCF invites to the conference “Care 2025 – Innovate, Orchestrate and Elevate” in Hamburg. 

Coping with demographic developments and the rising expectations of patients in combination with the growing budget restrictions in the health and social sectors increasingly require innovative solutions in nursing. In doing so, you are driving digital transformation forward, always with a focus on patient safety, satisfaction and empowerment.

Institutions must rethink in order not to lose touch with patients. For the care of the future, it is essential that hospital and care teams are well connected with the individual patient and that internal processes are developed around people in need of care, which means integrated workflows instead of “isolated solutions”.  In a competitive environment, agile start-ups are firing up change processes with new and, above all, patient-centered approaches.

At this year’s conference “Care 2025: Innovate, Orchestrate and Elevate” of the Global Clinical + Care Coordination Forum (GCCCF), leading experts will show, among other things, what digitization and AI can do, how it can be used meaningfully, what is state-of-the-art and where the journey is headed. They will also discuss how to effectively deliver quality care by improving operational and cost efficiency.

Ljubisav Matejevic, president and founder of GCCCF cordially invites you to:

“Please join us in designing Care 2025. We now need to improve the quality and ensure the sustainability of care while increasing efficiencies and balancing costs. Our mission is to reshape care delivery, leverage digitalization and reduce variations in care.

Innovate – By using digital technology and data in a responsible and secure way in order to transform outcomes for patients and citizens.

Orchestrate – By creating interoperability between medical devices, information systems and care management solutions to close gaps and deliver integrated workflows.

Elevate – By safely harnessing the revolutionary developments in technology to fight inequalities and improve access to services, and ultimately, to raise health and social care delivery to the next level.”

“Care 2025” brings together a large number of healthcare executives who are passionately interested in the role they play in the future continuum of care and how together they can change the care of the future.  An extraordinary day awaits you with international discussion partners including Healthcare Denmark, Kaiser Permanente and large hospital chains.

Preventicus is this year for the first time a cooperation partner of the conference and offers three coordinated and interlinked lectures.   They deal with the use, benefits and health economic significance of smart technology for heart rhythm analysis and stroke prevention. Using the example of Preventicus technologies and services for health insurance funds and national health service providers, these will be presented and examined from various perspectives (including scientific evaluation, health economic evaluation, etc.).

We would like to invite you to join us for Care 2025: Innovation, orchestration and upgrading – the GCCCF conference on 6 November in Hamburg (Germany).

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