Handling recommendations for doctors

The patient-driven use of Preventicus Heartbeats is designed to detect and document cardiac arrhythmias, similar to a self-triggering ECG event recorder.

Clinical studies have proven that regular self-monitoring lasting at least one month detects significantly more cardiac arrhythmias than a 24-hour ECG.

Preventicus for doctors

When to use the app?

Preventicus Heartbeats is most recommendable for use in the case of:

  • Cardiac arrhythmias previously not detectable by resting ECG or 24-hour ECG
  • 24-hour ECG or event recorder are not available
  • In general, when an extended period is to be monitored.

How to use the app?

It is recommended that your patients perform measurements regularly (e.g. once daily over a period of one month or every three days over a period of three months) and whenever they notice heart palpitations, and save the results in a PDF report. For this purpose, they can use the reminder function in the app.

What comes next?

Next time your patient presents in your practice, you see at a glance whether and when cardiac arrhythmias occurred during the measurements. Then you can simply copy the PDF reports onto your in-house software.